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  Christian Baer 7f862ab9d6 Fiexed a bug that messed everything up when a host wasn't reachable or login wasn't successful. 3 months ago
  Christian Baer 7a51c28bb2 Complete rewrite. README still has to be updated. 1 year ago
  Christian Baer 77a1714ff5 Made shebang more portable. Added the Option $SSH_ARGS which enbales you to give arguments to ssh when used from rsync. 2 years ago
  Christian Baer 789c216651 gnarf... 7 years ago
  Christian Baer 2f2cb78e1c Update of the README 7 years ago
  Christian Baer 5490cc3bb3 Added cleanup functionality 7 years ago
  Christian Baer ac698d3c56 Added some notes for setting up mysql backup to the README 7 years ago
  Christian Baer ee2f4f4d06 Added command line switches to specify what to backup 7 years ago
  Christian Baer 39f57adc65 Added the ability to backup mysql databases 7 years ago
  Christian Baer 68745938e8 Small fixes and changes in config files 7 years ago
  Christian Baer 94648b47b8 First commit 7 years ago